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Welcome to Out of the Closet Gaming!

We are a site dedicated to creating gaming resources to help you get your board games out of the closet, onto the table and most importantly getting played!

Our focus is on our Cheat Sheets section that at this moment has cheat sheets for  226 games and there re many, many more to come.

Our cheat sheets are streamlined and intuitive versions of board game rule books that logically guide players through the steps of a game with less confusion and none of the nonsense that rule books often have.

For a list of resources to find out about games or where to buy games in New Zealand, check out our Resources and Links section.

Simply put, we are here to get you into the game faster :-)

Latest Additions:

Fantastic Factories
Heat: Pedal to the Metal
Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition
Memoir '44
Sniper Elite: The Board Game
Bot Factory
Viking See-Saw

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